2011……I always had confidence in you that you could sell my business.  You took care of all the details with the attorneys, landlord and buyer.  I really appreciate the good job you did.  Now,  I can relocate and retire.  I sincerely thank you.  Kenny M.

2011……….”Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you…………………… You took all of the stress out of the process.  It was worth every penny to have you take care of the details and worry for us.  We are more than happy to pay the fee.  What you’ve done for me is offer me ‘peace of mind’ ie to selling our business.  We had complete confidence in you to advise and assist us and the buyer through the process of selling our business.  Your gentle manner won over our buyer and made him feel more comfortable with the process, too!  If it weren’t for you, we might not have been able to sell the business, and certainly we would not have been able to do it stress-free!””   Lynne & Eric S.

……….  “Through the ‘highs and lows’ of this protracted buyer search process,  Mr. Peschiera was untiring whether it was preparing and transmitting extensive performance and history documents and communicating with prospects.  He was the steadying  hand encouraging us when the process slowed and progress dimmed.  Conversely, he gently urged caution when, at times, we allowed our hopes for a quick conclusion to cloud our better judgement.” Judi D.

………. “He (Paul) never failed to be there when we needed him and to provide every necessary means of support as we were concluding the sale of our business.  Without his efforts,  a successful sale, as he orchestrated, could not have happened as it did.”   Dave H.

………Dear Paul – “Thank you for the exceptional service in selling our business;  better than I ever thought possible;  compassionate, professional, fun.  My partner and I are very pleased.”  Your friend, David C.

……… A note from Hawaii from a seller after the sale of her business.   “Aloha Paul:  I am thankful everyday you sold my business.  Sure don’t miss it.  We are on the big island for a month.  The fruit, the sun, the flowers and the warm rain is all wonderful.    Mahalo ( Hawaiian for ‘thanks’ ) Paul for making it happen.”  Tricia R.

………”All testimonials are on file and verifiable through our office.”

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