The Process of Selling

How To Successfully Sell Your Business

Commitment – the seller is committed to sell the business at a price and terms consistent with what the marketplace will produce.

Documentation – the seller provides all the necessary documents and information required to sell the business. Buyers and lenders will require accurate records.

Valuation and Pricing– Business Acquisitions Of Oregon analyzes the business, presents a ‘Market Sales Price Range’ and suggests an optimal price.

Terms – Business Acquisitions Of Oregon shows how offering terms to qualified buyers will maximize price and minimize the time needed to sell the business. Capital gains taxes may be reduced. Recorded liens and other devices insure that the debt will be paid.

Advertising – Business Acquisitions Of Oregon advertises the business to get the highest possible response and the greatest number of prospects.

Confidential Exposure – We discloses the nature of the business (however, not the name, or specific location) to the broadest group of qualified buyers.

Qualifying – We “weed out” unqualified buyers and “tire kickers”.

Showing/Tour – Business Acquisitions Of Oregon introduces the business to potential prospects so that they can see it and feel it. Our exclusive bound “Marketing Package” presents your business in the best possible light.

Offer to Purchase – the buyer writes an Offer to Purchase with contingency clauses. Business Acquisitions Of Oregon represents the seller’s interest to get the best possible offer. The offer addresses all-important issues and is the logical next step in the process.

Accept the Offer – the seller accepts the proposed Offer to Purchase or makes a counter offer.

Mutual Acceptance – all parties agree to the terms and conditions of the sale and the buyer receives permission to inspect books and records, equipment and customer lists.

Contingency/Removal – all contingencies are removed, and the Offer to Purchase is then a Binding Purchase Agreement. Business Acquisitions Of Oregon insures that all paper work is in order.

Open Escrow – Business Acquisitions Of Oregon and Sellers Attorney provide all necessary information to the escrow officer. And escrow account is opened and the Sellers attorney will prepare the sales agreements.

Document Review – After Seller and Sellers Attorney have reviewed the documents prepared by Sellers Attorney, said document are then delivered to Buyer for Buyer and Buyers Attorney to review.

Closing – After Seller and Buyer have agreed upon the Contract of Sale, the final inventory of furniture, fixtures and equipment is taken prior to close of escrow. Then, Buyer and Seller meet at escrow company to execute closing documents.

Sale Complete! – At a (third party) escrow office, after seller and buyers have signed the sales documents and funds have been delivered to the escrow company, the sales process is complete and the buyers are officially the new owners of the business.


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