Selling a Business

Deciding whether to sell a business can be an emotional experience for any business owner. Your blood, sweat, sacrificing and tears have gone into this, “your baby”, for years. Now, it is time to move on. You are not only committed to your investment, but to your faithful employees and customers over the years. Keeping the decision confidential, valuing the business properly, finding the perfect buyer – all critical to the success of the transition. As part of the selling process, we will generate three sets of documents for you as a seller.

  1. A business ‘valuation’ & market sales price range
  2. A business resume presentation
  3. A business marketing & positioning plan

Once these documents are complete and accepted by the Seller, Business Acquisitions of Oregon will begin marketing the business. We will begin identifying potential buyers from our own extensive proprietary database of qualified buyers. These potential buyers are individuals seeking business acquisition opportunities. We make every effort to find pre-qualified, capable buyers. We only reveal the opportunity and confidential financial information of the business to prospective purchasers after we have met with them to assure their financial capabilities.

Confidentiality Agreements:

We are extremely careful to protect the confidentiality of the Seller and the business. We realize what is at stake and make sure that all marketing is done discretely and in some cases, generically. With your instructions, we will market your business without using the name or location of the business. We will marketing your business without your employees, customers, suppliers, vendors or competitors knowing it is for sale. All interested parties must sign confidentiality agreements as part of the ongoing effort.

Business Analysis Plan

As part of our Business Analysis Plan, we will conduct a market evaluation to determine the best price for your business. Utilizing our experience and different valuation methods, we will provide a thorough market valuation of your business and/or property. We will consider many variables during our analysis such as net profits, location, years of service, facilities, customer base and loyalty, proprietary contracts or products, growth potential, sales trends, etc.

Business Position Plan

Once the business analysis is complete, we will review it with you and incorporate it into the Business Positioning Plan. This plan will include the strategy for structuring the transfer including the seller’s future participation in the company, if any, the time frame for closing, additional due diligence options and finally, financing options.

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