Business Valuations

“Opinion Of Value”

Why should a business owner invest in an “Opinion of Value” analysis preformed by Business Acquisitions Of Oregon, Inc. to arrive at a “Market Value Sales Price Range”?

There is a significant difference between ‘valuing’ a business, and ‘pricing’ a business to bring it to the marketplace.

Our thorough financial and market analysis recasts earnings to achieve ‘normalized earnings’ by which we arrive at an appropriate measure of income.  We then assess the risk(s) of the company, and develop a discount or capitalization rate to be used in the valuation process. The goal is to arrive at the economic future prospects of the company, from which a valuation conclusion may be drawn.

By choosing Business Acquisitions Of Oregon, you will be choosing a certified and experienced business broker to work with you during the valuation process.  You as the Seller’s will remain in control of the marketing and selling process.  You personally will evaluate and approve the quality of the Buyer and their financial well-being.  You as the Seller will determine if the price and terms presented to you by the Buyer will work for you.

It has been Business Acquisitions Of Oregon’s goal to provide our professional experience and expertise to you, the Seller(s), so that you should experience an equal or higher market sales price for your business, than if you tried to sell your business yourselves.

Selling your business is a serious and complex undertaking.  Most likely, you have work hard for years to build your business to where it is today.  We respect your position and take our role as your agent seriously.

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