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Business History:

Since 1993 I’ve purchased, owned, operated and sold small businesses. In retrospect, my most positive experiences while buying or selling a business has been when I used a licensed and experienced Business Broker.

My previous experiences as an owner of a small business who is facing decisions and challenges how to sell my business, is one of the reasons I entered the Profession of Business Brokerage. In this respect I believe it’s safe to say, “I’ve walked a mile in your moccasins” when it comes to listening and understanding your needs and concerns relative to selling your business.
As a Senior Business Analyst (SBA), and Business Enhancement Consultant (BEC) I am prepared to offer you my confidential assistance and experience in the following areas.

A. As a Business Enhancement Consultant (preparing your business for sale).
B. Business Valuations (Analyzing and arriving at your Business’ “Market Value Price Range”).
C. Confidentially marketing, presenting and selling your business.

Personal History:

IBBA International Business Broker Association – Class of 2000

Senior Business Analysts, SBA – Class of 2000

Eugene Delta Rotary Club

*(1990 to Present) Past President (1995/96)
*Past Chairperson/The Great Rotary Duck Race (1996/97)
*Past President/ United Rotary Clubs (1997/99)
*Chairperson/Owen Municipal Rose Garden Beautification
*Community Service Committee (1996 to Present)

Lane Community College

*Past Chairperson of Culinary and Hospitality Advisory Committee (1989 to 1993)
*Member of the PTECC/Professional Technical Coordinating Committee (1999 to 2000)

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Cell: 541-954-9919

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